Anthropogene – A term occasionally used to refer to the Holocene (the last 11,700 years of Earth’s history) in order to highlight the drastic changes in climate, environment, sediment transport, and biosphere brought about by human activities.  A related term is the Anthropocene, which specifically refers to the era following the Industrial Revolution (1800 CE) when human impacts on the planet began to rapidly accelerate and amplify.

I’m the writer for the blog Suburbivore, a blog that focuses primarily on food and all its aspects: social justice, production, health, cultural norms and interactions, gender, etc.  However, sometimes I write, or have written, things that I think are worth sharing that don’t fall into the kinds of topics that Suburbivore was created for.  Anthropogene acts as a cutting room floor for these leftover pieces, a place to display them in lieu of a specific blog or journal.

As the title suggests, most of these leftovers are pieces of science writing (since it’s one of my primary interests), although other subjects may creep in now and then.


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